No matter who you are or where you live you can always find plants that will heal, nourish and enliven you. They are all around, underfoot, up above you or just outside your door.


We live in a world where free potent medicines are everywhere and once you embark on the journey to discover them life may not be quite the same again.

Of course we are all born connected deeply to nature because we are nature and so my plant journey began as a child and yet along the way it got forgotten amongst concrete squares boxes, a need to people please and not following my heart, and a hedonistic self destructive belief that held me to all the wrong paths. But once I rediscovered what had been whispering to me for years a whole new world of healing arrived at my feet.

I covered myself in Nettle stings, drank nothing but Nettle for days, turned her into soft green cheese and leafu, I bathed in her and strengthened myself with her. I picked the lunar herb Mugwort under the full moon and drank warm infusions made from her leaves and buds while under the stars. As I slept she surrounded me with dreams that were so strong and told me so much about myself. I ate plants I didn’t even know you could eat, I cured all sorts of things in my body and then helped other people get better too, I made magnolia honey under a new moon, I picked dandelion flowers in the warm sun and mixed them into honey cakes, fritters and salade pis en lit, vinegars and oils,  I made oils with St Johns wort that turned as red as berries and helped aching muscles. I made elixirs from wild cherry blossoms, rose petals and elderflowers which helped a shaky heart. I made tinctures for easing back aches and discovered roots that looked like bones deep in the earth. I lay on grassy banks digging up pig nuts and feasting on berries.


I have had plants that are bitter, sweet, pungent, shocking, mellow and as dreamy as a warm and loving kiss on a summer’s morning. I have loved seaweed and crabs and feasted on the delights of the ocean cooking them over warm embers on the sandy banks, tasting the salty and sweet delights while the sun sets pink and orange all around me. I made scrubs and creams from what I found in rock pools and the bed of the deep sea that has enlivened dry skin and satisfied a longing for mermaid hair.

IMG_6123I have delved into the amazing world of the poisonous plant, to make them my friends so I will know them and doff my hat to them whenever I pass while admiring their powerful beauty. I have cooked wild foods and made medicines around fires in forests and by lakes, alone and with many a wise soul. I have loved every moment of this delicious and empowering journey.


I have become more healthy and more whole, I have met crazy, wise plant people and strong medicine women. Iam lucky enough to have been apprenticed to a very wise woman who has handed down wisdom of the woman and wisdom of the earth and its medicines. I have been taught a whole lot about myself and this beautiful world all around me.
The journey of learning about plants is a long one, it’s a life long commitment and when I die I know there will still be more things that I never found, more to taste and absorb and discover about the world around me. But I will die with a green glint in my eyes, earthy fingers and toes and a heartfelt connection to the most loving and powerful energy there is; mother earth.



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