Why connecting back to nature and yourself is a form of activism.

Like all other animals and plants, we are born in perfect harmony with the earth, knowing her rhythms to our core. As we grow we are taught to stop listening to our senses and our intuition. We are taught to block off this wild drum beat of the earth that runs in our blood and fills up or soul with burning spirit. When we block off this feeling, this connection, it is easier to go along with the lie and mass destruction of the earth because we no longer feel her in our soul. Through school and our young lives we are taught to memorise dates of battles without really learning the truth behind them, we are taught about the earth as a commodity but not as our living breathing life support. We are taught that we as humans are the greatest- better than all living creatures and so we have a right to command over all of life, we are taught to be clean and neat and how to fit into this bizarre concreted society. As Krishnamurti said “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society

Many people feel this disconnection and yet are unable to put their finger on what it is. They choose screens, alcohol, drugs or the latest products to numb out the feeling of disconnection that comes from turning our backs on what is deeply a part of us. Our minds are led into a world of distraction and excitement, sugar and porn. This distraction acts like a merry dance keeping your mind far away from the answer that you need and what your soul is really crying out for.

There is another way out of this destruction of all that is wild and we know it deep in our bones, but it won’t be handed to us from above; we have to rise up and take back what is ours

When you do take it back you will wonder how you ever believed in the lie, how you ever went along with the killing of the earth and of your own precious life force. You don’t have to go to school for this wisdom, this is what you are, this is what we are made of, this is why we are here!

Stop, breathe, feel and think in every situation. Ask yourself, “Is this really true?” “Is this right?” and before you act, ask again “How does this feel to me?” “How does it feel to use and endorse this chemical laden shower gel that is polluting the earth and the seas?” “How does it feel to use it when it can give me or my children eczema, allergies and other health problems?” “How does it feel to eat this plastic processed food that is made by a company who pollute the planet and that is severely restricting my body’s full potential?” “How does it feel to buy and wear this top because though it may be cheap it will also only last a season and was made by someone so young and destroyed?” “How does it feel to be in this group of people and going along with what they are doing just so they will keep loving me because I can’t love myself?” “How does all this feel truly??”

We are surrounded by big companies and politicians that get away with murder. Murder of the earth and her resources, murder of our spirits. But although they are manipulative and canny in the way they advertise, we endorse them unless we actively choose to eliminate all traces of them from our lives. It is time for us to stop being children and looking to these big companies that we have made into the adults in our lives, to fill the gaping holes that we inherited from our childhood and kept as old habits as we grew. It is time to awaken to what is true now. It is time to awaken to our one wild and precious life. It is time to protect all that is wild and natural in us and in turn protect this beautiful wild and natural earth that is so deeply a part of us.

Only we know what it is we need in our hearts and our souls and I bet if you look deeply it isn’t a new product. I bet it’s something much more simple and free and yet it’s often something that means swimming against the tide to find. It’s taking off the sheep’s clothing and being prepared to do things differently.

Where to start? For me it started with a simple yearning for fresh air and the sound of the wind in the trees. I followed the cues given to me by my body and started working more and more in natural rather than man made places. My body said “keep going; this is the right direction”

This may be the first step in your journey or the missing piece in a long search; either way the benefits of connecting your body with nature are raw energy, better physical health and a vastly improved emotional landscape. Once you re-connect and get to feel the earths drumbeat again you will do anything to help protect this one wild and precious earth.

And so how, again is this activism?   It comes down to being the change you want to see in the world. Not because Gandhi said so, but because it’s what your body and soul is asking of you…if only you stop long enough to hear her.


4 thoughts on “Nature connection as activism.

  1. Thanks Brigit; My sentiments exactly. Its odd how I was talking about this at a conference on Saturday; using wild medicnes as the interface for rewilding and becoming indigenous to the earth again.

    1. Hello, thanks for your lovely comment and connecting on here.
      It’s Great that you are talking about it and getting it out there. For me it is so important to reconnect to the land, to what we have forgotten and to open the doorway for others to find. I have completely found my own nature by returning to the ancient roots of the land. I find it is a wonderful way in which people re connect so easily- through the medicine of the plants and wild food, it speaks to their heart, because you have to learn the language of the heart to learn the language of plants and once it’s in your heart then you yearn to protect it. We have lost so much in this culture, so much knowledge and wisdom and yet as you say wild medicine is the best way I know to go back to the ancient wisdom, you only have to scratch very lightly on the surface and the language of the plants will start to draw you back to yourself and what we once knew. It has been an amazing journey for me and I’m passionate about passing the knowledge on to others.
      warm wishes

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