On a sunny day in June I played with the wild Roses. I lay in them, I stuffed my bra with the dark pink petals, I breathed in their heady scent and watched the bees fly in and out of them; drunk with beauty.

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I gathered rose petals from wild thorny roses, damask roses,  and other beautiful blooms to make my rose petal elixir with. I generally use this elixir  when a need for calming arises. The scent of the rose that comes from the elixir is very soothing for the nervous system. It acts as a mild nervine, giving a calming effect without sedating. A heady potion that smells and tastes as though it’s captured the essence of love.

This elixir can also be used externally for burns and wounds. The Rose petals are blood moving, which aids pain relief and brings quicker healing. As an anti-inflammatory, astringent as well as an anti-bacterial it helps to reduce swelling, redness and stop infection. It’s extremely gentle and safe enough to use on babies.

Roses are also often used as a remedy for women too. The whole of the plant can be used and the growing tips of the rose canes are rich in a hormone-like substances that help women with menstrual difficulties.

Rose acts as a heart-settling nervine. It can bring peace and to the body and spirit, and can help to lift anxiety and depression.



Not only are roses a good medicine but they are also a great food, containing lots of healthy flavonoids and huge amounts of vitamin C,  polyphenols and other heart-healthy compounds.

All types of Roses can be eaten; bushy ones, white, yellow, pink or red ones, little ones, big ones, delicate ones, wild or cultivated ones. (I personally prefer the rambling wild ones) Just be careful to only use ones that are unsprayed.

I like to throw petals over any dishes, sweet or savoury, make warm rose petal and cacao drink on cold days, rose petal panacotta one summer evenings or as Susun Weed does – eat the petals on toast for breakfast.

Here is how I make my Rose petal elixir-


  • 1 pint jar
  • fill jar with rose petals
  • add half raw honey and half brandy or glycerine
  • Let it sit for 4-6 weeks shaking regularly at the end of this time strain and bottle.


2 thoughts on “Sensual Rose petal elixir

  1. Hi Brigit,
    I would like to make your Rose Petal Elixir but would like to be sure that I understand your recipe. You mention using Half raw honey, half brandy or glycerine but no volume. Do you mean 1/2 a pint of raw honey and 1/2 a pint of brandy/glycerine??? Only assuming as you mention a pint jar.
    Appreciate if you can clarify.
    Love all your postings!

    1. Hello

      Yes I can see that would be confusing! Im talking about the volume of whatever jar you are using, or however much you want to make. So If I had a pint jar I would fill hlaf a pint with honey and half with brandy, although probably a bit less as the rose petals would take up some room. I hope this makes it clearer. Happy medicine making 🙂

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