Beautiful unfurling spring.

For me this is a time of much joy, excitement and awe-inspiring beauty.  As the days pass I wander the land and watch little leaves pushing themselves out of the beautiful rich earth, the tiny green buds unfurl from the tips of a branch and life is being sprinkled in abundance over the once sleeping earth. An eruption of yellows, whites and gentle pinks bloom from the earth and Blackthorn, Magnolia and Cherry blossom tickle the sky with colour. The song and chatter of the birds is louder and more rich as the seeds of life start to grow underfoot and the air becomes warmer.


Spring is a time to nourish and replenish ourselves with food and wild medicine, self-love and the courage to follow our internal golden thread. The thread of truth, the thread that is our soul journey, the one that whispers to us of a longing that is more than concrete boxes, supermarkets  and Eastenders. 

It is a time to step beyond the warm fire lit cave of winter and out into the gentle growing green. The time of dreaming ourselves into being is ending and the time to be that which you dreamed is beginning. It’s the moment for a really good stretch and a soft dance to shake off the old winter coat and bravely reveal the new skin beneath.


Spring brings with it potent and powerful medicines abundant with cleansing, toning, energising and strengthening properties that are exactly what we need after a winter without much in the way of fresh produce. The leaves around are so delicate and tender, yet strong with medicine.

Some of the wild herbs that are most abundant in Spring are Dandelion roots and leaves, Nettles, Sorrel, common Chickweed, Hedge Mustard, Crow Garlic, Fennel, Pignuts, Wild Garlic, Primrose flowers and leaves, Navel wort, Cleavers, Purslane, Sea Beet, Watercress. These plants are some of my favourite spring tonics that will help to deeply strengthen & revitalise your body and spirit. If you can put one of these plants into your diet regularly, get to know it, love it and learn from it, pick the one your drawn to, let it be your gateway plant. If you want to feel the life force of spring and your own life force start with your diet and a deeper connection to the land around you. Getting your feet and fingers into the earth will bring joy and groundedness, and eating well and wild if you can is like saying a HUGE yes to you, a huge yes to health and a huge yes to the environment.


When spring arrives it excites me so very much, the breath of life in the air, the whisper of birth all around fills me with the need to rush outside basket in hand and hair flying. A tingle runs through my blood as the first warm air covers my toes and I start planning all the medicines and foods I’m going to start making.


The smells all around start to shift and change from the deep dark earthy musty smells to fresh and tender hints of green things, fragrant flowers, wild garlic and lemony sorrel and with this there is a feeling on the wind that all these beings around have made it! We have all made it through the beautiful dark winter. Plants are being reborn or beginning to grow again, trees’ life force is rising and hibernating animals are twitching their noses, everything has its cycle. Everything comes and goes and although it may feel a winter may never end or a problem will never shift, it always does. Something changes and things move and a new opportunity for growth emerges.

At this time of year you may find me with my nose deep in a soft green crevice oohing with excitement at the tiny little Nettles that had been birthed from the earth and the minuscule navel wort erupting all over a mossy wall. The abundance, beauty and delicacy of this time of year is astounding.


Spring is really the time for allowing your body to cleanse and strengthen with foods and herbs that are vibrant and alive. So much of what is available in the wild at this time is exactly what you need. The earth knows what she is doing and she does it well, supplying all the creatures with what their bodies crave; remember the medicine you need is so very often growing very near to where you live.

At this time of year the plants’ potency has shifted from its roots and its underground darkness into its new beginnings, into the leaves and all that is above the earth. This I find is mirrored in us also, but of course, for we are nature too.


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