Isn’t it odd that once upon a time in Europe a woman could be killed for making potions from the plants around her.


Isn’t it insane that once upon a time wise women were burnt or drowned for helping birth babies, knowing their herbs, gathering in groups of more than two, being outside alone, being strong, being beautiful, being ugly, being different, being sexual, being non sexual or touching a nettle, smelling a rose or drinking wild teas.

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Isn’t it madness that a woman who knew her body, her mind and her heart was cast aside as evil, as a sinner and her life taken away.


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Art by Tin Can Forest


Women! Do not let the ancestral memory of this that is held in your make up, in your bones and blood hold you back. Rise dear sweet sisters, rise so that our daughters and daughters daughters don’t have to wonder when we lost our tongues and denied our hearts.

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Grow a new tongue, invite the wolf in, awaken the witch and dance under the moon.
Embrace your heart, your womb, your gut and your wisdom.
Roar dear sister, break the silence and take back your power so the young ones won’t have to.


2 thoughts on “You say Witch like it’s a bad thing.

  1. Hello sister! Thanks for your words of encouragement. When I am in ritual out in nature or in public places where other people might see me, I keenly sense the discomfort of this traumatic legacy. I am very aware of the judgement and curiosity of others who might witness me in my prayer. I also feel giddy and prideful at the same time, for being courageous and claiming our power, and feel my ego inflate a bit, as if I were performing on stage. It’s like stretching and strengthening my energetic muscles to remain in prayer, despite what others might think or how I wish them to see me, to return to my body, to sensation, to spirit and connection, to hold my own container and focus my awareness within it. I’m curious how others hold their boundaries and spaces, or if you just creep around under cover of night…

    Also, there are a couple of excellent resources I’d like to share regarding healing from the oppression of wise women. My collegue, rain crowe offers this:

    And another friend, historian Tom Hatsis, published this substantive book on psychedelics and magic in renaissance culture:

    1. Hello beautiful sister

      I love what you are saying as I have and do feel them deeply too- the pride, the shame and the power.
      Im very solitary and so Im often on my own in the woods but often if someone enters the space I slide into the shadows or melt into the background.
      For me though it’s more about becoming my more authentic witchy self in the day to day. Allowing myself not to merge with the norm but stick to who I am and what I believe in every moment. Thats the most powerful for me and the other stuff I let nature be my witness.

      Thank you for the resources, I love being sent things like that and Im going to send time looking at them now.

      So much love and warmth to you

      Brigit 🙂

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