Happy beautiful imbolc lovely ones ❤️

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By Phoebe Whal

Imbolc is an old word which literally means in the belly or in the womb.
And I can feel it in the air, nature is pregnant.
Pregnant with new life that will soon be about to burst forth in shoots of green, in unfurlings of medicine plants and smells of wild leaves pushing through the rich earth.
Gentle beginnings full of power and health are whispering just below the surface and I feel it in my blood and bones.
There is a shift upon the breeze. A talk of transition and change are being sung in the call of each bird, it lays thick in the branches of trees and within each forest path.
This is a time to appreciate the last moments of the dark winter, appreciate the rest, appreciate the blanket snuggles but be aware that soon your body will want to birth life, new energy and new beginnings. So now is a time to work out how to be your own birth companion, how to create the nourishing space to allow change, growth and dreams to be imbedded in the fertile soil of your life and grow. For just as nature wants to birth life so does your soul for you are nature too.


You have made it through these dark days and light and life is just around the corner, you have survived everything, you are a force of nature, you are alive, you are life. Now it is time to realise the wheel keeps on turning and growth is always an option.
As darkness still lies like a thinning blanket in the ever brightening sky remember your inner fire.



Take time to step out of your door and walk the forest paths, the meadows or riverways and see the beginning of green in sight, smell and feeling. The tiny dandelion leaves, thick baby nettles, shoots of wild garlic and buds delicately appearing at the end of branches, I promise it will do wonders for your soul to breathe in gulps of freshness, lungfuls of change and new things.

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  1. Beautiful post, thank you – and yes the first buds and tiny flowers are appearing in our garden and the up-welling of life from the ground feels tangible, rising up my spine from the soles of my feet.

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