Happy beautiful imbolc lovely ones ❤️ Imbolc is an old word which literally means in the belly or in the womb. And I can feel it in the air, nature is pregnant. Pregnant with new life that will soon be about to burst forth in shoots of green, in unfurlings of medicine plants and smells… Read More

You say Witch like it’s a bad thing.

Isn’t it odd that once upon a time in Europe a woman could be killed for making potions from the plants around her. Isn’t it insane that once upon a time wise women were burnt or drowned for helping birth babies, knowing their herbs, gathering in groups of more than two, being outside alone, being… Read More

Growth and Recovery

These last few years has been about breaking the cycles & patterns that were seeped into the fibres of my body. Through a lifetimes worth of extreme trauma, anxiety, depression, self harm & disease my body was ill in many ways. A life time of being made in the darkness & growing in the shadows… Read More

October Medicine

October beauty and magic.   October brings shorter days, longer nights and a soft chill creeps onto the wind. I begin to search for warm layers of deep reds and browns and concoct warming fireside brews.     The breeze whispers death, the earth smells of rich decay and the beings all around are dying,… Read More

Red Clover

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) I think of it as the herb of fertility, rising from the earth in glorious shaped leaves with a bird in flight printed on each leaf. When in bloom many little bright pink trumpet like flowers erupt in a glorious pom pom that reminds me of ovaries bursting into sweet life… Read More


Sensual, alluring, soft, strong, enticing Rose is linked with love, forgiveness, sex and femininity. I love Rose but in the past I had discarded it thinking it belonged in stuffy gardens that I couldn’t crawl around in, I preferred the nettles and the mugwort, the dandelions and the plantain. But over the years I have… Read More


Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) Also known as English bluebell, British bluebell, wild hyacinth, wood bell, fairy flower and bell bottle I know I know, it’s NOT an edible and it is POISONOUS and there isn’t much known on its medicinal properties except that scientists are looking at it as a potential medicine for HIV and some cancers. As a… Read More

Ribwort Plantain

Ribwort Plantain (plantago lanceolata) Also known as Common Plantain, Narrow Leaf Plantain, Ripple Grass, English plantain, narrowleaf plantain, ribwort plantain, ribleaf and lamb’s tongue, Waybread, Waybroad, Snakeweed, Cuckoo’s Bread, Englishman’s Foot, White Man’s Footprint. A hardy little helper this one, considered a weed by many. It reminds me of a very worthy, healthy, calloused-handed woman who… Read More

Loving my body

I’m naked in the mossy woods. The huge tree behind is holding me and everything feels so peaceful, outside me and inside me. I realised when sitting here that I love my body and I love me. I don’t mean I love my body because I have reached what’s seen as the perfect waist hip… Read More