Herb Robert

Herb Robert (Geranium Robertian) Also known as Red Robin, stinking bob, Death come quickly, Storksbill, Dove’s Foot, Crow’s Foot, Fox Geranium, felonwort, bloodwort or Robert Geranium. Is a geranium in the Cranesbill family. This plant always draws me to its being by the way it so often grows from the cracks in cement, in walls, amongst rocks… Read More


What does this plant say to me? – Spring spring spring! Primrose is a flowering plant in the family Primulaceae. Also known as Primula Vulgaris, Common Primrose and English Primrose, Butter Rose, Jack in Box and Jack-in-the-Green. The Primrose is one of the first flowers to appear after what feels like a long dark winter.… Read More


Ancient Magnolia you truly are stunning, feminine and breathtaking. At this time of year ( in late March and through April ) when the Magnolia trees are blooming, their huge flowers that can be as big as my face are reaching into the sky like white, pink and purple flames, stroking the air with beauty and dazzling… Read More


Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) Im so happy and my heart is warmed by the sight of Hawthorn blossom appearing like white jewels among lichen covered thorny branches along the hedgerows, on the Moors and through the forest. I love Hawthorn for the magical quality it holds, for its leaves, flowers and berries that contain such wonderful… Read More

Spring is here

  Beautiful unfurling spring. For me this is a time of much joy, excitement and awe-inspiring beauty.  As the days pass I wander the land and watch little leaves pushing themselves out of the beautiful rich earth, the tiny green buds unfurl from the tips of a branch and life is being sprinkled in abundance over the once… Read More

Spring Cleavers

Cleavers (Galium aparine) Also known as Sticky Willy, Goosegrass, Catchweed, Sweethearts, Sticky Grass, Sticky Jack, Everlasting Friendship, hedge-rife and that sticky bugger 😉 This sprawling, long slender beauty sticks to surfaces using the tiny hooked hairs that cover the plant’s leaves, stems and seeds and are the feature that allow it to creep across the ground… Read More


Urtica dioica My beloved, my beautiful, my wondrous Nettle, oh how I love thee……   Right now the land is dancing on the edge of winter and the beginning of spring. As I wander the land Im spying the most beautiful and tiny Nettles. They are looking thick and tough and full of gorgeous needle… Read More

Earth gifts

The delicate and breath taking beauty of this earth is astonishing if you start to look with eyes and heart that truly see. I was in the forest gathering Jelly ear mushrooms for a stew when my eyes were drawn to this dead Holly leaf. I picked up this leaf and growing so delicately from… Read More

Winter of the earth and body.

The wheel is turning and soon winter will be here, reaching out icy fingers, breathing in life and breathing out darkness and death across the land. Through the darkness, the skeleton leaves and the bare bones of the trees I can feel the whisper of a promise. A whisper of life that is to come. Rest… Read More