• A professional forager
  • folk herbalist
  • Facilitator
  • 1:1 mentor and coach
  • speaker
  • nature connection guide and therapist.
  • activist

I take people on a journey of reconnecting to their own nature and innate wisdom, inviting them into deeper relationship with life through immersion in and with the natural world.

Following my MA in Art psychotherapy I trained in wilderness therapy and mentoring. This journey then led me to being apprenticed to renowned elders in herbalism, the ancient art of foraging and women’s wisdom.

I guide others in nature to see it as they have never seen it before; as the missing community they have always craved.

My connection to the land around me and my wider community of plants happened at a young age. Crawling around inhaling the wet sent of rain drenched oak leaves on musty earth, sitting against the giant yew tree absorbing its strength through my spine, watching Buzzards take flight, crying into the wind. I was always beautifully happy and at peace amongst the leaves and earth. I was an awkward child always too aware of my own being and presence and too aware of the oddness of this society. Yet in nature I felt an otherness, a place to just be nothing and yet everything. This was my medicine. A place where all became one and I melted into a far more real world away from the pressures of school, home, social politeness and clean faces.

School was a place where I would sit and feel the green spaces outside the windows, calling to me deep in my bones, my very blood pumping to the beat of the earth. When life was tough I would run away and find myself tucked up in a tree, surrounded by the green green world, birdsong and the crackle of fire. I made a promise to myself then, a promise to the rich earth. I promised to always come back as an adult, never to forget and to work for the earth alone.


Eventually though society and pressures of life caught me and I found myself searching dark places and the deliciousness of self destruction. I became a city girl amongst a fashionable crowd with drink in hand ready to party. I loved clothes, modelling and being adored. It’s safe to say I was lost, lost in a world I didn’t understand, I was stuck within the cracks of the concrete, consumerism and the coldness of steel, searching for what I had lost.

I moved away from the city and to the west country to re find my connection to life. Slowly I was once again re united with my heart and my calling- the calling of the wild that felt like a howl in my veins. I remembered the promise I had spoken to the plants, trees and wild beings as a child.  I decided to embark on learning the language older than words- the language and wisdom of the plants. I was lucky enough to end up training with renowned elders in wild medicine and the ancient art of foraging.

Plant wisdom and foraging has been to me a heart opening experience. It has brought me to my centre and has re connected me to the natural world like nothing else. It has taken me on a path of wholeness and health.

I now teach others how to find the lost connection to themselves and to nature.  I ignite change and self empowerment