Sensual, alluring, soft, strong, enticing Rose is linked with love, forgiveness, sex and femininity. I love Rose but in the past I had discarded it thinking it belonged in stuffy gardens that I couldn’t crawl around in, I preferred the nettles and the mugwort, the dandelions and the plantain. But over the years I have… Read More

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn is one of the most magical, wild and enchanted of our sacred native trees. Often being called the “faerie tree”. This gnarly, beautiful and thorny little one can be found growing in the wildest of spots, loving some of the most harshest of weathers. I find the shape of a hawthorn leaf to be… Read More

Nature connection as activism.

Why connecting back to nature and yourself is a form of activism. Like all other animals and plants, we are born in perfect harmony with the earth, knowing her rhythms to our core. As we grow we are taught to stop listening to our senses and our intuition. We are taught to block off this… Read More

Awakening of Spring

Spring breathes new fresh life into my body and the world around me. It is so welcome after this long dark winter. I have felt the dreariness of grey and rain in my marrow, I have missed the usual frost and bright skies that just didn’t appear this year, I feel a little cheated that I have hardly… Read More