Come and experience the beauty of your own nature through nature. By learning to feel better outside you can feel better inside.

I run medicine days, forage and feast days for adults as well as for families. these are days full of wonder and delight as we learn about the wild medicine and food all around us. We will all then cook up our finds and feast in the woods around our wooden banquet table. Cooking and eating our collection of wild plants helps to understand more about the plants and lets you take back a wealth of knowledge and insight that otherwise might not have been found. We will end the days with warm teas around a blazing fire and a feeling of contentment in the belly.

The medicine days are about learning what wild medicine plants are all around you, how to get the best from them by understanding what they do and how to preserve them. We make a variety of things such as vinegars, salves, elixirs, rubs, tinctures, smoothies, salts and honeys. A simple lunch is shared in the woodland kitchen.

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